(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. stage, arena, field [of action]; drama; playhouse, motion-picture house, studio. See amusement.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A building intended for theatrical productions]
Syn. playhouse, concert hall, coliseum, hippodRome, circle theater, round theater, Greek theater, odeum, theater in the round, house, opera house, amphitheater, assembly hall, movie theater, cinema, drive-in, multiplex, movies; see also auditorium .
2. [The legitimate stage]
Syn. stage, drama, Broadway, the boards, theatrics, footlights, legit*, the oak*, the deck*; see also comedy , movies 2 , show 2 .
3. [Any place of military action]
Syn. arena, combat area, battleground, sphere of operations, field, sector, terrain, bridgehead, front, salient, objective, target area, no-man's-land; see also battlefield .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. playhouse opera house, auditorium, ampitheater, theater in the round, boards, odeum, dinner theater, hall, arena, movie house, cinema, drive-in.
2. stageperformance dramatic arts, drama, show business, the stage. ''An escape from reality.''— George Nathan. ''A tradition of villains and heroes.''—George Bernard Shaw. ''A window open on the life of our fellow creatures.''—Mario Fratti.
above stage, walk or platform for lights: fly
actor’s emergency fill-in: understudy
advertisement at front of theater: marquee
afternoon show: matinee
alcove in center of stage where prompter hides from audience: prompt box
allegorical drama illustrating Christian teaching: morality play
anxiety, performance: stage fright, *flop sweat
award: Tony
background scenery: backdrop, olio, ground row, cyclorama
backstage area: wings
box in front of balcony or mezzanine: loge
Broadway, play not produced on: off-Broadway production
brochure of cast and description: program, playbill
comedy featuring wit: high comedy
comedy of exaggeration: farce
comedy on morbid subject: black comedy
comedy satirizing manners of fashionable society: comedy of manners
comedy, slapstick or physical: low comedy
comedy that spoofs: send-up, parody
company producing several shows with same performers: repertory company
company production of plays in summer: summer stock
cues a song, line of dialogue that: dakota
dim lighting used for effect: pool hall lighting
district of theaters: white light district, Great White Way, Broadway, Rialto
draw attention away from another actor: upstage, steal the show
dress rehearsal before an audience: audience dress
emotions are exaggerated, play in which: melodrama
exaggerated acting or overacting: histrionics
explosion or flash, device that creates: flashpot
falling in love with theater: stagestruck
financier, backer: angel
hit show: boffo
horrifying, macabre or gruesome drama: Grand Guignol
Japanese, all-male: Kabuki
large-scale act or musical number: production number
lights: footlights, limelight, *ace, *ashcan, baby spot, bon-bon, flood, house lights, *keg light, klieg light, pin spot
list of characters: dramatis personae
makeup: grease paint, pancake
makeup mark the stage to direct actors where to stand, move: block
musicals, theater that specializes in: lyric theater
musical with sketches: revue
musician’s area: orchestra pit
narrator to audience: raisonneur
object used in show: prop
open audition: *cattle call
outfit a stage with scenery: dress
pack theater by distributing free tickets: paper the house
rehearsal, rough: walk-through
religious play centering around suffering of Christ: passion play
remember lines during show, helps actors: prompter
sad or heartbreaking play: tragedy
segment: act
serious performances as opposed to vaudeville: legitimate theater
set, take down a: strike
set that is real, as opposed to that of facades: practical set
skyline or horizon scenery piece: ground row, cyclorama
sound effects made from offstage: noises off
SRO: standing room only
stage, front of: proscenium, apron
stage props, functioning: practicals
talk with audience, actor’s solo: soliloquy
top balcony for lowerclass patrons: peanut gallery
union for actors: Actors Equity Association
unsuccessful play: *flop, *bomb, *turkey, *dog
variety show, old time: vaudeville, burlesque
waiting room, performer’s: green room, dressing room
wardrobe assistant: dresser
worker: stagehand
writer of plays: playwright
written music: score

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